Gregory Colbert interspecies collaboration

“I think of my life’s work as a celebration of all of nature, an orchestra that plays not the sounds of one musician, the music of one species, but rather an expression of all of nature’s songs.”
Gregory Colbert

boy sitting in front of an elephant and elepaht listening to him reading

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Colbert believes that there is a shared desire for all species to participate in one universal conversation. He sees nature as the greatest storyteller of all and himself as an apprentice to nature. His works are collaborations between humans and other animals that express the shared poetic sensibilities of all species.

Scientists can help

us understand the nature world by giving us the “how.” Colbert believes it is the role of artists in all creative disciplines to try to inspire a transformational “why.” He offers a non-hierarchical vision of the natural world, one that celebrates the whole of nature’s orchestra.

Just at the moment we are burning down what remains of nature’s living library, Colbert is creating an intangible library of the wonder of the natural world that reminds us of what is being lost. He began his thirty-year project two decades ago and he continues to work with animals on every continent, making his works the most comprehensive interspecies collaboration ever created.

Watch his famous Ashes and Snow film:

Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

Discover more of his work here:

Artistic photo of a man dancing with a whale

Two children sleeping in the middle of a tree witt two elephants around them