Cultural disobedience

Civil disobedience is the deliberate violation of unjust laws. In a similar spirit, cultural disobedience bravely subverts dominant cultural norms. We may think of culture as softer and more malleable than institutions and laws, but in many places cultural taboos are so strong that they become entrenched as law, while in other places, cultural taboos function as de facto law

Saudi woman in burka sitting in her car, about to drive it

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Protest of one

Protest of one interesting tactic to organize a powerful protest without a permit (by

You have to place a person with a sign every 50 metres from each others so that when people walk from point A to point B (let us say a central square and a pedestrian shopping street, places which are frequented by many people) would keep seeing a protester sharing their concern.Man sitting in in the middle of bridge protesting for climate action

It is also a good way to keep the police from seeing it as a concentration of people. So you can do it without permit.