Activism Diversity

There are so many different ways to orient and activate yourself and others.

This guide may help you clarify your level of engagement,

assist in realizing the appropriate group for you or getting ideas for how best to shape your action.

Ways people give away their power

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Here are the top 10 ways people give away their power:

  1. Asking others what they should do.
  2. Thinking God decides who gets what.
  3. Worrying about how their dream will come true.
  4. Thinking they have dues to pay.
  5. Attaching to unimportant details and outcomes.
  6. Believing in soul mates.
  7. Thinking karma or spiritual contracts are absolute.
  8. Fear of anything, especially falling in love.
  9. Waiting for everything to be just right before acting.
  10. Choosing to be unhappy.

Understand the truth and you will soar.

Empower yourself and you will realize you are already living your dreams.

Use this list as a basis for discussion in your activist group, community or circle of friends.