Dancing to transform

I have a life-long performance art project called “the red dress project”. As part of this ongoing series of outdoor interventions all over the world, I dance in sites/landscapes to raise awareness of issues that I believe are important to myself and communities in the places I live and perform.

Woman in red dress dancing with a huge chain hanging from a boat

Do artists have to be human? Interspecies art

German artist duo Hörner/Antlfinger live and work together with two African Grey Parrots, Clara and Karl.

CMUK is one example of an interspecies art collective, proposing an alternative to the model of the sole-creating genius human. The name CMUK is an acronym of its members Clara, Mathias, Ute, and Karl. Ute Hörner and Mathias Antlfinger[3] view Clara and Karl not as their pets, but as equal partners.

pigeon on a table engaged in creating art