is activism

that is imaginative

meaning actions using methods that are creative and/ or artistic. For example: Painting a mural, Thinking outside the Box, Protesting in Iambic Pentameter, . So please no petitions just for signing.

AND inclusive

meaning that everyone is welcome to participate in the action, including the ¨other.¨ So there is no US against THEM. There is only us AND them. All action is taken with the well-being of the situation in mind. All interested parties are taken into account. The 100%. See Agenda 21

AND participatory

meaning that the action is created with all involved entities taken into account and a space created for any to participate in the action. Ex. A street intervention will invite passersby to sing, dance, act, sign and/or write/draw their opinion. Not just a performance.

AND sustainable

. meaning that the action is not just a reaction. It is a considered action. One that considers the reaction as well as the after-effects, hangovers, clean-ups, maintenance, local and global consequences, and overall health.



is activism

 that seeks to go beyond short-term changes, beyond presentation of contrasting alternatives to the current situation, and beyond the comfort of armchair activism

“There are many ways to participate in the multi-dimensional reality we are co-creating. My way, considering my unique role in this passion play, is both global and local.

My global way is to help form this imaginative website about Transformative Activism (TranZactivism) that brings together associated news, information, resources and forums. And to make it a multi-authored site that invites and welcomes views, news and ideas from all around the world.Elza Vero

The main mission of the website is to be a nexus for people who would like to know about and participate in transformative activism.


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TRANSFORMATIVE ACTIVISM  is a form of activism that elevates the discussion and encourages interaction. It is inclusive, creative, and sustainable. 
It imagines a past where the truth is freed, a present where the vitality of the planet is prioritized, and a future where we all thrive by taking responsibility for our co-created reality.
We do it with humor to bypass the rigidity of violent thinking. We do it with compassion because deep down we all need the same thing. Acceptance, love, health, connection, joy.
Transforming oneself or a situation takes hard work, continuous maintenance, and a willingness to be flexible yet strong. 
After all, change is the only constant so transformation is the only answer.