Wild Wisdom Teleclass on telepathic communication with Nature

A one-hour recording of an online class/interview with Anna Breytenbach (professional animal communicator), sharing insights into what Mother Nature is feeling and reflecting, as well as how to connect directly and sensitively with wildlife


Anna holding a parrot, communicating with herInterspecies communication is a unique opportunity for learning, clarity and healing. Through direct two-way information exchange, we increase mutual understanding and can work towards resolution of issues in our relationships with other beings. Psychic animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals! Most of us have simply forgotten how, but can recall instances from childhood or other times in our lives when we’ve been connected to our intuitive abilities and perceived things in a non-physical manner. We can all remember how to listen and perceive the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul. The universal language of telepathy allows us to use our natural intuition and abilities to communicate with other species.






End speciesism

Speciesism, in applied ethics and the philosophy of animal rights, the practice of treating members of one species as morally more important than members of other species; also, the belief that this practice is justified.

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