Pledge to Animals

World Animl Day logo and pledge to animalsI promise to always treat every animal I encounter with respect. I will continue to follow a vegetarian diet and eat as plant-based as possible. I will never stop trying to learn more about animals and raise awareness about their struggles. I will continue to contribute to conservation organizations and share their messages. I will always look for more opportunities to get involved in improving the lives of Earth’s animals!  

Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow feature film captures extraordinary moments of contact between people and animals as seen through the lens of the artist’s camera on more than thirty expeditions to some of the earth’s most remote places.

Written, directed, produced, and filmed by Gregory Colbert, it is a poetic field study that depicts the world not as it is, but as it might be—a world in which the natural and artificial boundaries separating humans from other species do not exist. The viewing experience is one of wonder and contemplation, serenity, and hope.