ADBUSTERS post-soma visionaries

These folks have been busting the balls of capitalism since we were wee spermies, hmmm…

Anyway, Adbusters is the great ancestor of all who seek to make everyone question their firm belief in consumer ecstasy.

Check out their website for a zillion brilliant ideas…

Here is their super-charged spiel:

“If we’re going to have any kind of future on this Planet, then we’re going to have to disrupt the status quo . . . catalyze deep down systemic change . . . instigate a non-violent world revolution.

Cracks in the system are starting to appear, and now’s the time to act. We hold the most powerful revolutionary tool ever invented in the palms of our hands, so anything and everything is possible . . . we can now do things we never dreamed of doing before . . . pull off a flurry of global jams and big-bang moments  . . . create an alternative geopolitical power base and and start calling the shots from below. “