Banning Trophy Hunting

Portrait of an African lion

Trophy hunters pay huge sums of money to kill wild animals for in-home display. They enter their achievements into record books kept by member organizations. Trophy hunting harms conservation by exacerbating the population decline of many imperiled species. Compared to trophy hunting, wildlife-watching tourism generates far more income to support conservation and provides far more jobs to local people.

The Humane Society is fighting to ban trophy hunting.

How to Teach Your Children to Respect Other Religions

Whether you’re an ardent believer of your faith or a freethinker, there isn’t any possibility of stopping your child from meeting people of other religions. Whether you have discussed other religions with your child before or not, teaching your child about other religions and how to respect the faith as well as the people of that faith is one of the most important education you can give your child.


Children hands holding a sun in between

Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox

Join internationally acclaimed acoustic ecologist, Gordon Hempton, as we listen to sunrise circle the globe, hear snow melt, whales sing and discover that the Earth is music, clear enough to hum all day. And let’s re-examine our widely held belief that the human ear evolved to hear human speech. We will listen to nature sounds that fit neatly into our peak hearing sensitivity (2 kHz-5 kHz) and speculate about the evolutionary consequences of detecting these sounds over great distances. During modern times with our global environmental crises is it enough to hear ourselves or must we, as a species still subject to the laws of survival, once again listen to what the Earth is telling us

Quiet Planet Essentials Video from Gordon Hempton on Vimeo.
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Tranzactivism is a cosmic organization of like vibrational beings who believe that transformation of all unhealthy situations is possible. However, the organization itself cannot represent the users before the Courts or in out of Court proceedings. Where suchrepresentation would be needed the organization would hire Licensed Lawyers to represent the users before the Courts or in out of Court proceedings, as the case may be. Let´s stick together and make a beautiful world happen. Un otro mundo es posible. Long live the 100%



»Logic gives man what he needs, magic gives him what he wants.« And I only want what I need…

»La lógica le da al hombre lo que necesita, la magia le da lo que quiere.« Y sólo quiero lo que necesito …


ANNIE LEWKOWICZ, from The Back of the North Wind.

Dancer of Rhythms, Explorer of Transformational Psychology, Writer for Grateful Fools.

Floats professionally for Doubleghosting Inc.


CUMIE DUNIO, from Sa Pobla potato-land.

Singer-songwriter, music producer, singing teacher, dancer, percussionist. Beeing the siren song of this website.

Collaborations include:  Cirque du Soleil, U2, MuOM overtone choir, Carlos Núñez, Dave Stringer & lots of other awesome folks.
Studied with:  Bobby McFerrin, Baird Hersey & amazing singers who are stars in local areas.
Cumie believes the voice serves as a bridge between the unseen & the manifest worlds.  ⊱ ⊹ ♡ ⊹ ⊰


DHAIRYA LONGY, de Argenorca.

Maga, Patasa, Meditatriza, Mover and Earth Shaker.

Ver Más!


EL NAVARRO, de Allí – donde acaba el olvido.

Fotógrafo y Escritor.
Caminaba sin descanso por el valle del olvido. Bebía grandes copas de amnesia y los abrazos me los daba a mi mismo. Por eso emprendí la huida. Ahora estoy aquí.


ELZA VERO, from Khajuraho.

Contributing Editor, writer and idealiser.
She´s been spotted switching newspapers, gluing fastfood locks, waving tree branches at protests and chatting with dogs.


FUNKY GUNTHER, 10yrs, from World of Penguins.

Youth Editor and Writer. Expert RAKer.
“cupcake likes on skaype and getting rich camuls”  #randomness!!


JAVI TUBERT, del Reino de Mustang.

Ilustrador, diseñador y desarrollador front end de este sitio, que transforma pensamientos abstractos en obras de geometría sagrado.
Es un activista de los aires. Mirar hacia arriba para inspirar el corazón a volar.


LAETITIA BERMEJO, del Triangulo de las Eugenias.

A Real Deal Painter, illustrator for this website and draughtswoman extraordinaire.


portrait of Olga

OLGA MANZANARO RODRIGO  Artista plástica, muralista, terapeuta corporal, docente @Mallorca.

Diseñador de las ilustraciones de flores y abejas en tranZactivism.

El proceso creativo como camino de autoconocimiento. La belleza de la naturaleza como inspiración. La geometría latente en todas las formas. Estos son los ingredientes de mis pinturas, murales y talleres. Explorar y compartir el poder transformador del arte.  Mi instagram


ROBERT GASS, from Rockwood, USA

Co-founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Lead Trainer of Rockwood’s National Yearlong Program “Leading from the Inside Out¨.

Principal, Social Transformation Project. For further information, contact:


SONIC CHRYSALIS, from the Valley of the Upper Megahertz.

Bliss Mystic, Multimedia Meditations, Planetary Personhood,

NeuroAcoustic Music, Vibracusonic Massage Therapy.

ÜBERLINDA FELIZ, de las Montes Andinas.

Musa major. Brujula viking.

Visita su Canal de Videos a Soltarse de Risas.


Artistic picture of a woman in on fire, with the universe behind her

ZSUZSA BAKONYI, in between Budapest and Mallorca.

Transformation fanatic, contributing to positive change where she can. In love with photography, playing with fire and doing art in whatever form feels good in that moment. Occasionally whispering to spiders.

Coordinating the website contents and partners.




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