Sound Healing the Earth

Is there a word for positive addictions?

This song would be one of them.


Sound Healing the Earth

Perception can be medicine,

when we focus our individual and collective attention

on the causes of personal, community and planetary wellness,

we are quantum effecting and energetically programming collective consciousness

with a greater awareness and sensitivity towards sustainable holistic universal wellness.


Sonic recommends while viewing it, for people to generate their deepest affection for life,

to send their deepest love to every aspect of biodiversity they can visualize.

Imagine by doing so individually and collectively, we begin to send quantum spirit energy towards earth healing,

empowering Planetary Personhood (upcoming Sonic Chrysalis book)  and Planetary Parenthood (earth stewardship)

sharing with friends to do the same may help.

Using the power of collective group meditation field, intentional focus, to lower the crime rate in a certain city…  thoughts?

To be played on outdoor speakers while gardening.  Or on land that has been stripped and impoverished.


Here is another recent shorter interpretation of the concept with different music vibes:  Terra Healing


What sounds make you feel good?

How would you use sound in activist events to make a difference or to transform an ambiance?

Share with us your therapeutic sound experience.

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