What is TranZactivism?

Anybody else wake-up in 2017 and say : ¨Wait, what?!!!
No no no, it´s just a nightmare. Or maybe some kind of elaborate hoax.
Oh, I get it. It´s a reality-show gone rogue.¨
And yet… everyday we wake up and… we are still in this reality-show!!!!


R.A.K. stands for Random Act of Kindness. RAKing is like the Jewish idea: mitzvah, which means a good deed or an act of kindness.*

Reconciliació Amb La Mar
Reconciliation with the Sea

Hola! Som PROEM-AID, (Ajuda professional d’emergeències en anglés) i com a voluntaris rescatam a persones que fugen de les guerres i arrisquen les seves vides al mar. Des de desembre de 2015, més de 50.000 persones han estat auxiliades per nosaltres en el mar Egeu.

The Fool’s Invitation

Within each of us dwells a host of archetypal energies. We contain multitudes: the Mother, the Father, the Lover, the Trickster, the Creator, the Destroyer, and many more.

USA Tuesdays #ResistTrumpTuesdays
London UK Sep 12 Die-In for Arms Fair
Mallorca Spain Sep 23 Aturem la Massificació Turística Manifestació
EARTH Sep 26 World Contraception Day
DC USA Nov 17 Writing Messages that Matter