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Garbage collection parties

Sure, beach cleaning is fun – you can also collect there, but everyone has cans, plastic bags, cigarette packs, plastic bottles, etc. on their ‘caminos’ and squares right outside the front door, which no one puts away.


Creative Activism Festivalito in Mallorca // May 14th, 2022

A day to think and act locally and globally

Gather to celebrate changing the world together. Creativity through community.


Reconciliació Amb La Mar
Reconciliation with the Sea

Hola! Som PROEM-AID, (Ajuda professional d’emergeències en anglés)

i com a voluntaris rescatam a persones que fugen de les guerres i arrisquen les seves vides al mar.

Des de desembre de 2015, més de 50.000 persones han estat auxiliades per nosaltres en el mar Egeu. (more…)

Tools for Effective Meetings

Sometimes meetings are just to feel things out

and can stay loose and informal,

and sometimes you need to get things done.

How to facilitate freethinkers to rally as a group? (more…)

Acción: “El Hechizo¨

Una letanía en Faroes mientras bailando con alas en España con una viking Argenteniana y una tropa de todos edades, hasta el pápa estaba involucrado… (more…)