Navdanya movement

Dr Vandana Shiva speaking in front of public“Navdanya’s Mission is to empower the communities belonging to any religion, cast, sex, groups, landless people, small and marginal farmers, deprived women and children or any other needy person to ensure that they have enough to eat, they live in healthy environment and are able to take action independently and effectively to become self-reliant through sustainable use of natural resources and fairness and justice in all relationships”.

How To Start A Seed Library

Community Seed Network logoLike-minded people in communities around the world are offering low-cost or free, local, open-pollinated, pesticide-free seeds. Members borrow seeds, grow plants, and allow a plant or two to go to seed at the end of the season. Those seeds are returned to the library, which will grow 10 of each batch to confirm purity before distributing the rest.

It is called The seed library – a place where community members can get seeds for free or for a nominal fee and is run for the public benefit.