How can we focus on JOY?

Current society and zeitgeist is really focused on, if not obsessed with productivity. We produce so much, so much unnecessary stuff.smiley at feet

We consume so much, but so much unnecessary stuff. We stress on so much material stuff. We want this, we cannot get that, we loose this, we gain that.

Start a gift economy

The essential idea is that when you have enough of a surplus of something, you give away what you can to friends and neighbors. With everyone practicing this type of exchange, a web of connection is forged. Everyone “owes” everyone else a favor.

In the end, we practice it everyday, at least with your family, partner and closest friends. You help each other out, do some favours here and there. Make a cake, fix the roof, help out with the translation etc.. Well, you could take it to a next level, starting a gift economy in your community.

What if we could re-use everything

As a child, I have always dreamt of not generating garbage, of finding for every object always a new way to use, or a new owner. It seemed too sad to throw things into garbage, and I grew up in an era where my parents told me to not flush the toilet if we just make pee, as it seemed crazy to use so much water just to flush down a little pee.