Guidelines for Contributing to SPARKS section

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TranZactivism Staff asked 3 years ago
  • Sparks Contributions are posts related to transformative activism. (Please see our post on what constitutes transformative activism before sending us your information. For example we will not post anything that advertises for corporations. We reserve the right to refuse any contribution that does not have to do with TA but will welcome most anything that is!).
  • Feel free to make your contribution as wild, authentic, personal, original, creative as you wish.
  • Posts can be: Writing, Drawing, Photography, Video, Audio, anything that can go on the internet…Smell-a-vision: description only for now.
  • Required:
    • Title, your Name or Pseudonym.
    • At the bottom of your message include information on Category + Tags.
    • Contact info where the web admin can respond to you.
    • What type of copyright/copyleft: BY, ND, SA, NC or C. Please see copyright post for all the options.
  • Categories: CHOOSE ONLY ONE: Self, Everyday, Group, Cultural or Reflective.
    • Self means any kind of activism that can be done to transform oneself.
    • Everyday means any kind of activism that can be done in day to day life, with anyone or alone.
    • Group activism is done by a specific group of people for a specific reason.
    • Cultural activism is an activistic phenomenon done by an indeterminate amount of people for a specific cause or reason.
    • Reflective is more about musings on the spirit and philosophies of activism.
  • Tags: Any words that will help people who are searching for information on this subject find your Spark. Up to 20.
  • Optional: A one sentence bio. Contact Info where people can find you.
  • Time-frame: Sparks will be published within the month after receipt, or occasionally you will be notified of a delay due to editorial decisions.
  • Language: Can be in any translatable language. Will be published in the language it is sent in. If you want it to have translation, include it with your submission.