What is Transformative Activism? Short description

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TranZactivism Staff asked 4 years ago

Transformative Activism is activism that is imaginative AND inclusive AND participatory AND sustainable.

  • Imaginative meaning actions using methods that are creative and/ or artistic. For example: Painting a mural, Thinking outside the Box, Protesting in Iambic Pentameter, . So please no petitions just for signing.
  • Inclusive meaning that everyone is welcome to participate in the action, including the ¬®other.¬® So there is no US against THEM. There is only us AND them. All action is taken with the well-being of the situation in mind. All interested parties are taken into account. The 100%. See Agenda 21
  • Participatory meaning that the action is created with all involved entities taken into account and a space created for any to participate in the action. Ex. A street intervention will invite passersby to sing, dance, act, sign and/or write/draw their opinion. Not just a performance.
  • Sustainable meaning that the action is not just a reaction. It is a considered action. One that considers the reaction as well as the after-effects, hangovers, clean-ups, maintenance, local and global consequences, and overall health.