What is Transformative Activism? Long description.

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TranZactivism Staff asked 3 years ago

The way of Transformative Activism is both global and local.

My global way is to help form this imaginative website about Transformative Activism (TranZactivism) that brings together associated news, information, resources and forums. And to make it a multi-authored site that invites and welcomes views, news and ideas from all around the world.

Activism is defined by actions and campaigns aimed at causing change, usually in politics or society. Many times activism arises as a sort of communal reaction to an unbearable reality being manifested.

TranZactivism is a form of activism that seeks to go beyond short-term changes, beyond presentation of contrasting alternatives to the current situation, and beyond the comfort of armchair activism. Transformative Actions are movements in an intuitive choreography of sustainable inclusionary change. They are creative actions that take into account their effects a few steps down the line and are designed to include all the players. TranZactions break through barriers by happening in unconventional arenas of interaction and engaging all players to reconsider their roles and their parts. The offering is placed in the hands of unwitting participants and not just ¬®preaching to the converted.”

TranZactivism draws wisdom from many disciplines: art, holistic therapy, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, comedy, engineering, architecture, celebrations, nature, science…

Shhh! Here is the TranZactivist secret formula:
Fresh Wisdom Creative Action
+ Brave Breakthrough
++ Respectful Inclusion
+++ Flexible Sustainability
++++ Healthy Intentions
= = = = = Transformative Activism
. Yum Yum.

The main mission of the website is to be a nexus for people who would like to know about and participate in transformative activism.
Inspired by the organizational process beehind honeying, the design will be stimulating and the site will offer four main terrains to explore:

  • BeDances: News about recent and upcoming TranZactivism happenings and creations…
  • BeNectar: Co-created content about TranZactivism, including writings, audiovisuals, ideas…
  • BeHoney: Curated TranZactivism resources full of free ideas, activism kits, media…
  • BeHive: Forum for exchange of ideas, queries, meeting local groups…

Another important aspect is the local approach.
Forming a local community that is willing to engage in TranZactivism and create a unique context to meet with others, discuss current events and local concerns, as well as plan and create actions together.
Transforming self and community within the context of a physical and tasty reality. An example of one such community could involve monthly meetings wherein one action is supported by all the energies of the participants. Each month could support a different participant and their cause.
Honing our holistic honey together.

Once we gain access to the community field, we are able to reclaim our power to create change… This is the key to ongoing transformation for yourself and your World. Michael Stone.

So, what will you do today?
Who will you bee?

You are welcome to contribute original articles, images, ideas for the site.
See our post on How can YOU can participate.

ACT !!
You can now propose or participate in local actions.
To form or join a local group, please send an email to: elza@tranzactivism.org

Yourself, your environment, your groups, your culture, your conscience.