Guidelines and tips for Creating a Group

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TranZactivism Staff asked 3 years ago
  • A group for TAO (Transformative Activism Offerings) create together. One for All, and All for the health of the community.
  • Identify your group from trusted sources. What are the skills, talents and willingness to act in your community. Don´t assume just because a cause is important that everyone will jump on board.
  • Figure out your group direction. Will your group rally around a specific cause or will it be a general activism group that will support each person´s cause in turn, depending on need?
  • Think global, act local. What transformation does your community need? Being able to talk about issues in a mindful way. Being able to act upon issues of great concern. Transforming an unhealthy aspect of the community will make everyone stronger. Empowering the community and inspiring the world.
  • Think outside the box. Let everyone develop their role over time. Encourage trying different roles.
  • Be clear of what the role of each is in each action.
  • What kind of protection will you need for each act? Review legality and recourse. Make sure everyone knows the dangers involved.
  • If you want to make a TAO group, then make sure your actions are imaginative, inclusive, participatory and sustainable. Always with the health of those involved as a priority in any action.
  • See our post on how to hold effective meetings for freethinking groups.
  • If people are not willing to commit but are willing to give some time, you can also a party and invite those close to you to give you their time instead of things and to help you with something that is important to you.