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Audio Cumie Dunio

Illustration Laetitia Bermejo

Editor Elza Vero* from Khajuraho

Photographers El Serrano

Research Dhairya Longy


Annie Lebowitz from Montana
El Serrano de Euskadi
Funky Gunther, 10yrs, from World of Penguins


Christine + Sofi
Lolo + Ana

Art: Alexios, Andrea, Leti, Steph, Sam P, Thea
Consultants / General Renaissance: Manuel, Ricardo, Fox, Cyrille, Rupert, GMs
Empathy: Jonathon
Events / People: Matthew
Feministas: Ana C
Cultural activism: Alice
Hack: El Buffador
Installation art: Mariona
Law: Salvador, Sean S.
Math + Meditation: Courtney
Mayhem: Julien, Evan
Performance art / Acting: Jill, Heidi, Daphna, Noemi, Teresa
Photography: Hu, Jean-Pierre
Poetry: Danielle, Marianna, Mariana P S-J
Psychology: Annie
Shaman: Visudha
Theater: Angelina, Lorca
Video: Balthazar, Olivier
VJ: Stephane
Yoga + Simplicity: Adé

Ideas for others:

Media activists:

* EV activism bio:
1990-2 University group: SUSC (students united for social consciousness)
– stickers on products supporting apartheid
– hunger strike against animal testing
1991 Awareness stickers in Paris
1992 Gluing locks on McDonalds
1993 Newspaper replacement in New York
1994 Giving out attitude tickets to security guards
2012 99% protest dressed as bee
2013 Against prospecting on Balearic coast, using dolphin sign
2014 Basta la Construcción sign*